Working With Nancy Margulies

Ideally we will plan the event in advance in order to make the most use of the visual recording during and after the event.

The room set up involves either planning space for murals and/or setting up easels with unlined flip chart paper. The easels need to have sturdy backs and a system of pins or a clamp that holds the paper in place from the top.

Additionally, provide a chair and small table next to the workspace. The table can be one of those used to bus dishes (round tray on a stand with a white cloth covering it).

The Benefits including Visual Recording in Your Conference

  • Graphic recording makes the thinking process visible and helps participants stay (literally) in the same page.
  • "Graphic recording makes the invisible visible... it enables people to see the connectivity of ideas, people, events, influences and energy." -Judith Glaser
  • Watching the process of recording enables participants to take in information through hearing and seeing. The connections among ideas become more obvious as is the history of the conversation.
  • People see that their contributions validated and appreciate being heard.
  • The visual recorder takes on the role of capturing all key ideas so participants are freed from note taking.
  • People who weren't present to during the conversation can review the visual record and those who were present have an excellent source for review.
  • Participants can add their comments on Post-Its or fill in large templates to contribute their thoughts.
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